The International Child Mental Health – Study Group (ICMH-SG) is dedicated to advancing cross-cultural research in various aspects of child and adolescent mental health (CAMH).

Comprised of a network of practitioners and researchers who think globally and act locally, the ICMH-SG shares a common goal of promoting equality and inspiring others to engage in better cross-cultural research and practice in CAMH.

The mission of the ICMH-SG is to empower and engage individuals worldwide in conducting cross-cultural research and implementing best practices in CAMH. Significantly, the ICMH-SG ensures the inclusion of children, adolescents, families, practitioners, researchers, and the general public from underdeveloped and developing regions.

The vision of the ICMH-SG is to enhance CAMH practice and foster excellent cross-cultural research in CAMH worldwide.

The ICMH-SG operates based on core values and a shared consensus of collaboration, commitment, trust, confidentiality, open communication, rigorous research, and mutual benefits for all its members, CAMH, and communities.