The International Child Mental Health – Study Group (ICMH-SG) is a non-profit organisation that tasks itself the obligation to bridge the gaps in knowledge in child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) between different world regions.

The mission of the ICMH-SG is to empower and engage people across the world to do CAMH research especially cross-cultural and international studies within undeveloped and developing regions/countries.

The vision of the ICMH-SG is improved CAMH practice and excellent CAMH research equal to all around the world.

The pillars of the ICMH-SG are practitioners and researchers working locally, sharing the same idea of equality, and inspiring others to deliver better practice and research in CAMH.

The ICMH-SG is based on the values and a shared consensus of collaboration, commitment, trust, confidentiality, open communication, timeliness of research, and benefits to all its members, the science of CAMH, communities, and the world.